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From May 5 to 15, the company management visited the United Arab Emirates with a business visit; during the visit, key issues of entering the country’s agro-industrial market were successfully resolved. A number of negotiations were held with potential partners, major importers of chemical fertilizers on the terms of cooperation. Contracts were concluded with a number of marketing companies to provide market research services. As a result of research, the preliminary demand for such products of the Cinta company as Greenodin White and Greenodin Gray has been determined.

During the visit, the leadership of “Cinta” visited the plant in the suburb of Abu Dhabi for the production of compost. With the administration of the plant were discussed issues of possible cooperation. Successfully completed negotiations with representatives of the laboratory of soil science in Al Lahn, the subject of which were agreements on conducting product research for compliance with existing standards in the UAE, on registration and certification of products by NP Sinta LLC.

One of the results of the work was the appointment to the position of the representative of NP LLC “Sinta” in the UAE of the leading marketer Mr. Osman Arbab (Osman Arbab). The main task in the work of Mr. Arbab will be the implementation of the company’s entry into the Arab agro-industrial market. The main scope of work will be the conduct and analysis of the results of marketing research, and the formation of a database of potential customers.

Currently, the UAE’s agro-industrial policy is focused on the development of hydroponics. The main part of food is not grown, but imported. In this regard, our task is to offer schemes for the supply of our products to farms.

The use of which is extremely important in the conditions of the tropical desert, given the water-holding abilities of the Greenodins to the “Cinta” company.

In addition, our company will develop a special product for use in hydroponics, rich in minerals and trace elements.

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