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Cinta does not stand still, and how a jet rocket gains altitude!

This year we have developed several new products for you, our loved ones! Greenodin microbox G (for greenhouses), Silica (for human health), PetAm (treats for dogs), all these products will soon be on sale, you can buy them not only in supermarket chains but also with the help of online purchases on the company website

First-class specialists, PR technologist Daniel Doc Rapoport,, and Ph.D. in philology Ilya Stechkin helped us with this These masters conducted a mega-training “Information and communication technologies as a tool for business promotion”
from 12 to 16 November of the current year in the city of Odessa.

Thoroughly illuminated and tested in practice tools for:
• digital strategy development
• competitive analysis
• improved online presence
• target audience definition
• promotion strategies on the Internet
• ways to implement marketing goals
• approach to customers and their needs
• commercial cooperation
• lead generation, lead magnets
• promotion of commercial pages
• Google analytics
• segmentation and personalization
• site content, use of images and videos

At the training, a real project for the sale of organic products – food grade Diatomite, organized by our company (NP SINTA LLC), was practically considered. via and Worked out the bright slogan – Diatomite = Health!
Knowledge taken by the founder and head of our company Timur Levda for further use in business development.

The training was held with the support of the Ukrainian project of the business development of fruit-growing “UHBDP” and the charity foundation “Laska” and with the financial support of the state of Canada and Of Israel.

Special thanks for organizing the training, Katerina Rudenko, Program Manager for UHBDP and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs at the International Training Center MASHAV them. Golda Mayr and Dmitry Nikolaev – Project Manager, UHBDP.

Now we are ready to please you with new features! Purchase health products online: (human health) / (pet health) / (soil health). Please note that the site offers such features as online shopping for human health, pets and organic farming products certified by Organic Standard.

Drew Hex0gen
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