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Pet Am, dog treats

107.00 грн

A unique pet treat for Pet Am dogs based on selected organic ingredients. The delicacy provides the animal’s body with the necessary amount of nutrients, vitamins and microelements, is easily digested, which contributes to activating the metabolism, improves appetite, growth and development of hair.

The formula is a balanced and nutritious diet that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the animal. High digestibility and all necessary components will ensure the correct development of the skeleton and muscles, the formation of strong teeth. Does not contain gluten. The combination of flaxseed and pumpkin seed pulp provide a preventive antiparasitic effect. Beet pulp and probiotic contribute to the formation of intestinal microflora. Fish meal – fill the lack of easily digestible amino acids in the pet’s diet. PetAm is the only delicacy containing an amorphous form of SiO2, which stimulates silicon-calcium metabolism in the body of a pet, expressed in the state of hair, claws, joints and positive dynamic dynamics of behavior. The delicacy has an excellent taste and does not contain dyes, artificial antioxidants and flavorings. Only natural ingredients are used.

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Additional information

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