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Diatomite in glass packaging 600g/1000ml.

736.00 грн

Food diatomite is a unique natural material, an organically pure product consisting of silicon-containing shells of diatoms – the oldest algae. Food diatomite contains at least 80% active silicon in amorphous form and other minerals.

Food diatomite is unique in its content of easily digestible amorphous silicon, which:

regulates calcium balance in the body;
improves brain thinking and impulses in the nervous system;
manifests sorption properties in the blood, capturing free radicals – products of metabolism, which are subsequently removed from the body;
concentrates in damaged tissues accelerating the regeneration process;
when used in combination with biologically active substances contributes to their absorption;
plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen – a protein responsible for the development of connective tissue;
stimulates the recovery and elasticity of the valve apparatus of the cardiovascular system;
with a sufficient amount provides elasticity and strength of the ligament apparatus of the body (bones, tendons, cartilage, etc.);
provides healthy hair growth.

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