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– National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2016)

Silicon-containing minerals for the optimization and balancing of soils

Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine hold the leading positions in the world in the study of the role of mono- and polysilic acids in the structural and functional organization of biogeocenosis. Experts of the National Botanical Garden named after. MM Grishko has proved for the first time that the joint introduction of secondary organic raw materials (both animal and vegetable origin) and silicon-containing minerals allows optimizing and balancing soil processes by artificially modulating the ratio between mono- and polyclonal acids, saving soil moisture due to formation silicon matrix with information and resourcefulness, to stimulate the growth and development of plants as a result of increasing their adaptation to stress factors.
The use of silicon-containing minerals provides for improving the phosphate soil regime by releasing phosphorus from open-cast forms, using the mixture as an inhibitor of nitrification processes, reducing the toxicity of Soils and Greenwoods, stimulating the development of agronomically useful microorganisms, and protecting plants from phytopathogens. Field experiments on the testing of silicon-containing mixtures in the Kyiv, Kherson, Odessa and Ivano-Frankivsk regions on crops of different crops showed that the increase in yield was 29.3-51.2%. Pilot lines for the production of mixtures in Ukraine were created and their release at the “Synta” company (Mykolaiv region) was established. The product is competitive, cheap, environmentally friendly and promising for similar lines abroad.

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