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September 18, 2015 in the exhibition center LLC “NARIMEXPO” the results of the All-Ukrainian competition of product quality were summed up. Goods, works and services were presented under the slogan of the annual event “100 best goods of Ukraine”. Competition participants were able to demonstrate their products and gain recognition among consumers. 38 products from 37 enterprises deserved diplomas and were awarded.

September 18, 2015 SP “Cinta” LLC became a participant of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of product quality. The event was held in the exhibition center “NARIMEXPO” LLC within the framework of the annual competition “100 best goods of Ukraine”. The company “Cinta” was among the winners of the exhibition, was awarded an honorary diploma and awarded.

During the event, representatives of SP “Cinta” LLC demonstrated their products – unique organic-mineral mixtures “Greenodin”. These are environmentally friendly reclamations, which include silicon-containing natural minerals.

The company has relatively recently entered the organic agriculture market, but has already achieved a lot in developing exceptional mixtures for fertilizing the soil. The primary goal of the association is to improve the quality of the crop while preserving the environment. Caring for ecology, scientists of SP “Cinta” LLC are working on creating such a product that not only increases soil fertility, but also helps reduce soil fatigue, their regeneration, intoxication, land reclamation.

Excessive chemicalization of the soil gradually destroys the plant and animal world of the planet. Appeal to organic farming – this is a guarantee that the natural wealth of the Earth will be preserved in all its diversity, LLC “Cinta” asserts. The company offers the consumer a transition to an organic method of management without material and time costs for him, which seemed incredible before the development of the union.

The production of SP “Cinta” LLC improves soil fertility, improves their various indicators, including sandy ones, reduces toxicity and soil fatigue. Under the influence of silicon in the composition of recultivates, plant crops acquire resistance to external factors, diseases and pests. The structure of plants is improving, the growth rate and the quality of crop production increase. Depending on the type of remediation, Cinta reduces the amount of irrigation water needed up to 45%.

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