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What goes around comes around!
Popular wisdom.

The company was established on February 24, 1992. a group of development engineers based on the design bureau of electrohydraulics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. The rapid changes occurring in all areas of the company’s development have been transformed into a strategy.
Since 2005, NP Sinta has been engaged in the development of new alternative environmentally friendly technologies in the following areas:
– organic agriculture;
– solar energy;
– food production;
– desalination of sea water to the level of drinking.
The development of effective environmentally friendly methods of soil cultivation has become the first step in the development of NP LLC “Sinta” in the agro-industry.
Now we can talk with confidence about the company, whose mission is to preserve the diversity of nature.
We care about the natural wealth of the planet and healthy conditions for all living things.
We are focused on the transition to organic farming without yield losses.
We are not indifferent to what is happening with the Earth now and what will happen to it in the future.
We understand that the safety of the environment does not depend on beautiful speeches of politicians, but on concrete actions.
The Cinta team plans to double export volumes with a stable profitability, offering unique integrated solutions to its partners – suppliers and customers, thanks to the balanced development of the company’s business segments by:

– efficient use of network assets
– investment in technology and innovation
– strategic acquisitions
– team development and process improvement.