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Soil analysis



At your request, the company’s laboratory can carry out a detailed agrochemical analysis of the soil.



What indicators do we define?

• humus;
• acid hydrolyzed nitrogen;
• ammonium nitrogen (N-NH4)
• nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3)
• mobile phosphorus (P2O5)
• mobile potassium (K2O)
• mobile sulfur (S-SO42-)
• soil acidity (pH-salt extract).


• total salt content;
• soil conductivity;
• redox potential of the soil.

Normative documents:

• DSTU 4729: 2007 “Determination of nitrate nitrogen in the modification of the NSC IPA them. A.N. Sokolovsky ”
• DSTU 4115-2002 “Determination of mobile compounds of phosphorus and potassium using the modified Chirikov method”
• GOST 26490-85 “Determination of the pH of the salt extract, exchange acidity, exchange cations, nitrate content, exchange ammonium and mobile sulfur using the ZINAO method”
• DSTU ISO 10390: 2007 “Soil quality. PH determination
• GOST Р53219-2008 (ISO 14255: 1998) “Soil quality. Determination of nitrogen content in air-dry soils using calcium chloride ”
• DSTU 4289: 2004 “Methods for the determination of organic matter”
• Kornfield method. “Determination of easily hydrolyzed nitrogen”
The analysis period is 10-15 days.