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SP “Cinta” LLC

• CintaScience:

1. Research work of fertilizing mixtures, soil mixtures, based on natural siliceous minerals for
natural ecosystems.

2.  Research work of technical specifications and patents for created products.

3. Scientific support of the patents.

4. Consultations on the cultivation of various crops.

5. Analysis of the soil on the presence of heavy metals and major nutrients; on microelement composition; Irrigation analysis ( alkalinization of soil)

• Yielding:Cinta

1.Production of reclamation

2.Yielding of organic potting soils.

• Trading:

1.Effective support for distributors.

2.Foreign Trade: export and import operations.

3.Trade on the internal market

• CintaMarketing :

1.Promotion of products developed for customers and partners.



We will be glad with collaboration!


Organomineral mixture Greenodin


SP “Cinta” LLC forms the distribution network of both in domestic and foreign markets. Considering proposals for general (exclusive) distributorships. We insure information and advertising support. At present, the proposal is relevant to all regions of Ukraine.

CintaWe will be glad with collaboration!


The flexible production policy of the company allows providing our customers’ needs with a fairly wide range of organic compounds and agricultural chemicals.

Companies – manufacturers included in the composition of our “eco – cluster” have focused on the production of high performance and quality products. After redistribution zones of responsibility inside the cluster, we were able to minimize costs to provide competitive prices for manufactured products and worthy service to our customers both in domestic and foreign markets.

In SP “Cinta” LLC plans for in 2015 lies a modernization of production facilities, as we intend to use all available technological possibilities to start yielding of new products.

Eco-Friendly Farming

It is thought, that the transition to organic farming takes at least 2 years and is conjugate with loss of productivity during this period. Indeed, until recently, farmers based on ecological methods of farming, had to deal with this factor. However, new farming methods, including nanotechnology can improve productivity, increase soil fertility, and grow high-quality products without going through a time period that mentioned above.
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